Fabrik [was: Re: Visual representation...]

Bob Hartwig bob at bobjectsinc.com
Thu Mar 9 08:50:42 UTC 2000


On your Fabrik Swiki page, you describe a scripting facility for Wireless

"The synergy we're looking for in wireless Fabrik is that people can start
out with a UI builder, and just type little Squeak expressions in a control

This is a fairly accurate description of PARTS scripts in VSE (I've heard
that PARTS was strongly influenced by the original Fabrik).  A major
problem with PARTS, IMHO, was that as soon as a developer started using
scripts, it became impossible to accurately find all senders of a selector.
 Consequently, it was impossible to determine if a method could safely be
removed, renamed, or changed in protocol.  In short, scripts made
refactoring unsafe, and made tools like Smalllint inaccurate.

Do you think this is a well-founded concern for a Fabrik scripting facility?


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