Code management system, was RE: Has anyone implemented CORBA?

John W. Sarkela john_sarkela at
Thu Mar 9 17:33:40 UTC 2000

Let's consider this the stealth release of MyRoarr.
A readme file indicating alpha status would be appropriate.

I assume that the email address still goes to you. If you
haven't received any email by noon we will investigate
more deeply.

Since we will need a wide distribution next week, let's
let all who want to grab it.

John Sarkela

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> Subject: Re: Code management system, was RE: Has anyone implemented CORBA?
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> Well I guess I can hardly object ... by the way, does 'squeak at'
> come straight to me still?  At this point, am I correct in assuming that
> anyone/everyone who asks shall be granted access to MyRoarr?  I will put
> together a suitable ass-covering statement to mail out with the ftp site
> info, of course ...
> ----------
>> From: "John W. Sarkela" <john_sarkela at>
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>> Subject: Re: Code management system, was RE: Has anyone implemented CORBA?
>> Date: Thu, Mar 9, 2000, 10:16 AM
>> Funny you should mention it.  We (TFEI) are just now frantically pounding
>> together just such a repository framework and versioning tool for Squeak..
>> It's based on Richard Harmon's SIF and Program work (SIF is the storage
>> format, and Programs are somewhat analogous to Envy Applications), but we
>> are being careful not to inhibit normal Squeak tools usage.
>> We believe we are close , and we will unveil <something> at Camp Squeak this
>> weekend.  Meanwhile, anyone who's curious may send email to
>> squeak at, and we'll be happy to point you to the "test pilots"
>> release.  Be advised, while that version is actually in use (and effective)
>> as a versioning tool, its correct usage is _extremely_ subtle <spot the
>> euphamism!> in places.
>> A few quick observations about the tool:
>> - we plan to have it compatible with Eric's SIF before/during Camp
>> Smalltalk
>> - the actual repository storage format is simply a local file system;
>> however, the framework is easy to extend to other storage mechanisms.
>> - we will provide a two-way bridge between SIF and native Squeak
>> file-out format and/or integrate .st and .cs versioning into the tool
>> Well we have code squeaking for attention that wants to get out of the door.
>> More as the story breaks...
>> The coding staff of The Fourth Estate, Inc.
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>>> Subject: Code management system, was RE: Has anyone implemented CORBA?
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>>>> From:    Andrew C. Greenberg [SMTP:werdna at]
>>>> Sent:    Thursday, March 09, 2000 10:05 AM
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>>>> Subject:    Re: Has anyone implemented CORBA?
>>>> If you would find an ORB useful, or are looking for a project to get
>>>> involved, by all means work on one.  If not, there are many useful
>>>> tasks still to be accomplished.
>>> Speaking of "other useful tasks", has anyone got a line on an existing code
>>> management/versioning system (in the vein of Envy or StORE or what was that
>>> thing for Visual Smalltalk?) which could be ported to Squeak?
>>> Alternatively, would anyone care to offer suggestions, concerns, etc, on how
>>> to approach this?  I'm interested in the problem, and would like to
>>> implement it in Squeak (i.e. I don't want to do an interface to RCS or
>>> whatever).  I suppose I could prowl through a VisualWorks image and "borrow"
>>> ideas from  StORE but, aside from the legal and ethical considerations, that
>>> seems like cheating.  Comments, ideas, and/or pointers to existing work
>>> appreciated.
>>> Bob Jarvis
>>> Compuware @ Timken

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