[BUG] PluggableFileListMorph missing

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at gate.net
Sat Mar 18 13:29:57 UTC 2000

At 11:32 AM +0100 3/18/2000, Stefan Matthias Aust wrote:
>At least in my 2.8a image (#1919), the class "PluggableFileListMorph" is
>missing.  It's referenced in "PlugableFileList>>openAsMorphLabel:inWorld:"
>of update 1872.
>Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf.

It was never there -- I started working one up, but I never got 
around to finishing the morph side.  So far, there's just the MVC 
widget.  The "file . . ." menu still uses the old menu-based file 
chooser.  After I get the Squeakbook chapter done, I'll finish it. 
(unless someone wants to build it first -- its fairly 

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