[Bug][Fix] Unicode characters in HtmlParser

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Sun Mar 12 19:59:23 UTC 2000

Bert Freudenberg wrote:

>Well, there are a lot of specialEntities like umlauts (ä) etc. that
>are not currently handled correctly. Also, iso8859-1 to Squeak charset
>conversion is not done. I posted a changeset a while ago but it didn't
>make it into the image

FYI, I prepared it for inclusion into the update stream (see attachment).
Unfortunately, Bert's encoding is IMHO wrong.  I used the MacRoman encoding
from the PDF specification as reference which is identical with what
Andreas did for the TTFontReader.  It seems, BTW, that Squeak's NewYork
font is missing a lot of characters which are defined for MacRoman encoding.

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