[BUG] Sockets aren't playing nice with me

Robert Withers withers at vnet.net
Sun Mar 5 21:22:06 UTC 2000

Lex Spoon wrote:
> Let me say it more plainly.  I don't see any possible reason to
> implement VM-level threads in Squeak.
> Thus, I'm really interested in what your root problem is.  If you have a
> reason to implement VM-level threads, then it would be a revelation to
> me.  Or if someone on the list can tell you how to accomplish your goal
> without VM-level threads, then that would allow your project to move
> forward.  Either way someone wins.
> Lex


I'm sorry, it seems I have not answered very clearly and I have mislead
you.  I don't have any problem with the lack of threads.  

I said previously:
> Yes, I'm not holding my breathe on VM threads and we should need them as
> you said.  I am using the ObjectSocket which is a SocketStream.  I

I meant to say that they seem a long way off (if we need them at all -
that would be an interesting discussion...) and that there is no need
for them, as you stated previously.  

My problem was the inability of the Resolver to resolve.  I had been
initializing the network but I was still finding myself in this strange
state.  After running the first script that I posted previously, the
Network resets in some way (???) and it starts working.  If I try the
second script first, it does a 'Socket initializeNetwork' but it doesn't
resolve.  My project is moving forward (in fits and starts :) ).


Smalltalking by choice.  Isn't it nice to have one!

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