Rocket eBook

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Sat Mar 4 18:47:28 UTC 2000

I reviewed several of these for The Library Quarterly last year. The Rocket
eBook is one of the most limited of the current eBooks. I haven't seen the
new Microsoft eBook, but there is good reason to think that this might be
the best so far (I think it was designed by former PARC luminary Chuck
Thacker, who was the main PARC HW designer). We are trying to get one to
put Squeak on ...




At 10:02 AM -0800 3/4/00, Ken G. Brown wrote:
>I haven't seen this mentioned on the list:
>A bit from the www site:
>The Rocket eBook
>About the size of a paperback book, but weighing only 22 ounces<>
>Holds about 10 paperback novels, that's about 3,200 pages of your
>favorite reading materials, bestsellers, magazines, web pages or
>other documents in one hand.
>Read it just as you would a paper book. Make margin notes, underline
>special passages, and bookmark pages. What's more, you can search the
>contents of any RocketEdition on your Rocket eBook.

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