Pluginised VM seems to work quite well

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Fri Mar 10 19:34:56 UTC 2000


Regarding your concerns about distributing all these plugins: I have been
working on a mechanism that allows to build 'fat' and 'lean' VMs. A 'fat' VM
can have an arbitrary number of plugins builtin so that you need only a
single executable for whatever you're redistributing. It's actually quite
simple since it does only involve a few modifications to the generated code
and a slightly different primitive lookup. The latter is important for the
name space issue - one of the modifications I made was to prefix an exported
primitive with it's plugin name if it is generated directly for the VM.
Therefore, you've got two ways of looking up an external primitive which is

	'primitiveName' from 'moduleName'

if the primitive resides in an external module, or


if the primitive is linked directly into the VM. In addition to a few more
changes this should allow us to keep the number of external plugins in a
reasonable range.


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