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Thu Mar 9 16:02:31 UTC 2000

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> If you would find an ORB useful, or are looking for a project to get 
> involved, by all means work on one.  If not, there are many useful 
> tasks still to be accomplished.
Speaking of "other useful tasks", has anyone got a line on an existing code
management/versioning system (in the vein of Envy or StORE or what was that
thing for Visual Smalltalk?) which could be ported to Squeak?
Alternatively, would anyone care to offer suggestions, concerns, etc, on how
to approach this?  I'm interested in the problem, and would like to
implement it in Squeak (i.e. I don't want to do an interface to RCS or
whatever).  I suppose I could prowl through a VisualWorks image and "borrow"
ideas from  StORE but, aside from the legal and ethical considerations, that
seems like cheating.  Comments, ideas, and/or pointers to existing work

Bob Jarvis
Compuware @ Timken

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