[ENH] Anti-aliasing type support & FreeType 2.0 beta plugin(very beta)

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Sat Mar 11 14:06:10 UTC 2000

>PS. Someone might want to check the license statuses of the fonts I provided
>(I gave the URLs). They are the good-to-acceptable-quality allegedly
>freeware fonts that I could find out there. 

>From the names, I'd guess that 

Humanst521 BT Bold.font.gz
Humanst521 BT Roman.font.gz
ZapfHumnst BT Bold.font.gz
ZapfHumnst BT Roman.font.gz

are Bitstream fonts as for example included on the Corel Draw CD ROM.  That
Bitstream fonts again resemble Monotype's Gill Sans and Linotype AG's Optima.

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