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> At 10:11 13.03.00, you wrote:
>>Sadly this only works on MacOS 8.5+ 
> What does this mean?  Are there still older MacOS versions around?  (I
> think, Microsoft provided an Euro patch even for Win3.x and NT3.5 ;-)
> Would that MacOS 8.5+ restriction affect Squeak?  If you use the right
> fonts, the Euro should be shown on (Character value: 219).  If you view
> such a document with an up-to-date Mac program, you should see the "€".
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It's a little more complicated, I've not looked at the font issue for a few
year. However fonts with city names are the original fonts, at one point
Apple even burned them into the rom. They've not changed much. But when
Apple migrated to TrueType fonts they then did some character changes. You
should then be aware that a font at one size, might use the inplace bitmap
image, but at another size be rendered for TypeType. Of course the version
of the truetype font you use dictates which characters like Euro you will
get, so getting the right char isn't an OS issue its a typetype file version

I believe if you are a Apple Developer you can get a licence to distribute
fonts (Apples too) with your application.

To solve this problem, perhaps a non-apple font that is open-source be used
to solve the problem you will get  since you can't control the version of
the MAC OS people use.

Many years ago I did a full set of Apple fonts for windows. In our legal
discussions with Apple we found that one cannot copyright the actual font.
However one can copywrite a program that creates the font. So if it's a raw
bitmap it is fair game for copying as a bitmap, but if it's truetype or
postscript then its a different matter. Today you see the usage of my Monico
font in Informix's  products, also in PowerBuilder and Omnis.

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