[ENH] XPMReadWriter

Duane Maxwell dmaxwell at entrypoint.com
Fri Mar 24 19:46:49 UTC 2000

Conrad asks:
>How are you doing?

We're doing fine, thank you.

>I was wondering, are these fixes
>being added to the next release of Squeak?  I'm new
>to the environment as well as Smalltalk.  Thus, I
>would rather wait for a new build if possible.

As with most enhancements, the decision to include them in the base image
remains with Squeak Central.  They seem open to lobbying, so if there's
some enhancement you thinks adds significant value to the overall effort,
express your opinion.  Real bug fixes tend to find their way into the image
more readily.

Don't be too afraid to experiment with changesets, though.  The best way to
learn is to see how others do things, and experiment with them.  Many
changesets are relatively self-contained and it's easier to see how the
various elements  of an enhancement interact to create some overall

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