Documentation for MessageTally/TimeProfileBrowser?

Bob Arning arning at
Wed Mar 22 04:31:03 UTC 2000

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000 22:36:35 -0500 Mark Guzdial <guzdial at> wrote:
>Could anyone give me a brief explanation of the "Tree" vs. "Leaves"? 
>I'm trying to prepare a lecture on optimizing Squeak code, and I'd 
>like to describe these tools.

MessageTally examines the stack of the target process at periodic intervals. 

The Tree part is a complete summary of the stack observations MessageTally made over the time is was running, giving you lots of information about which methods sent which messages.

The Leaves part summarizes which methods were most often on the top of the stack when MessageTally took a peek. You might not see this immediately by looking at the Tree part if several (or many) different branches of the tree ultimately sent the same message.


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