Results from the SqueakEnd Symposium on the Swiki

Stephen T. Pope stp at
Mon Mar 13 17:16:17 UTC 2000

Hello all,

The SqueakEnd '00" Symposium that took place last week-end in Santa Barbara
was a resounding success (IMHO). There were 26 participants in all, and a
very high level of technical discourse and community.

There will be several concrete results from this:

1) John McIntosh took detailed notes, acting as real-time scribe for the
entire event (THANKS, John).

2) The list of participants has been posted, and participants are invited to
add references to their names.

3) We generated a rough conceptual map of Squeak -- current status,
technical issues, future application areas, and problems. This is to be a
living document, and I will post it later today to the Swiki in several
formats, including as an ASCII outline and as a graph/map in several formats
(PDF, NOW, Inspiration, html, etc.). Comments are, of course, solicited.

The updated page is

Thanks to all who took part for making this such a special event, and to the
CREATE staff (Florian, Alex, Pierre, and Tyler) for making it run so smoothly.


  Stephen Travis Pope

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