Complete Camp Smalltalk 2000 Story is up.

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Mon Mar 20 02:54:23 UTC 2000

> An interesting thought: can this become a way of creating a collaborative
> report?
> Could an editor create a skeleton of topics and/or a timeline and let
> different writers contribute sections to the timeline and/or add comments
> to others' comments?
> Sorta a hypertext-based account of an event. One could see multi-media
> being added in, as well as other possiblities...

Yes, see the original Wiki for a quote

Q: So what is this WikiWiki thing exactly?
A: A set of pages of information that are open and free for anyone to edit
as they wish. They are stored in a database and managed using...

Thus of course my intent of posting to the SWiki is to get others to
contribute their thoughts. If you look at the revisions to the SqueakEnd'00
stuff you will notice quite a few edit sessions have already been done.
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