[ENH] Case independent numbers

R. A. Harmon harmonra at webname.com
Wed Mar 1 17:03:36 UTC 2000

At 11:44 AM 3/1/00, Lex Spoon wrote:
>By the way, the standard seems to suggest that uppercase letters are to
>be used, and that the base should only go up to 36.  (section 3.5.6) 
>Lowercase 'e' is used to designate the exponent of a floating point
>number (as are 'd' and 'q').  It is illegal to specify an exponent for
>what is otherwise an integer--eg, 10e10 is illegal, while 10.0e10 is
>Anyway, if anyone is planning to go through cleaning this stuff up,
>maybe they should make it fit the standard.

I've just completed some additional parts of my implementation of all the
ANSI messages from the Fundamental Protocols through the Numeric Protocols
<number> protocol plus <ScaledDecimal>, and Date And Time Protocols.  I have
also finished SUnit unit tests for these. Both are tested For Squeak 2.7.

I am in the process of updating my web page and will post when they are

The Numeric Protocols unit tests have a literal test for each global Float,
Integer, etc. to test that Squeak conforms.

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