Visual representation of Squeak?

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Mon Mar 6 15:28:21 UTC 2000

I've got a page of UML tools started at  Argo won't run on a Mac (even 
when I tried to compile from source!)


>Chris Macie <cjmacie at> wrote:
>>Subject: Re: Visual representation of Squeak?
>>>Hi:  I was just reading the c2 wiki and came accross this reference to a
>>>open source UML tool called Argus.   Would it be possible to implement
>>>something like this about Squeak or Smalltalk in general?   I find that
>>>visual representations whether in trees or diagrams to be very useful for
>>>getting a good overview.
>>I find having something of the sort in a Smalltalk DE virtually
>>indispensible. I haven't worked that much yet in Squeak -- maybe it's all
>>already there. I find something named ObjectExplorer, which looks very
>>handy, but still involves using a plethora of windows to investigate the
>>usual plex of objects one deals with in developement or debugging; and
>>doesn't allow the usefull side effects of  Beck's / Psi's versions, >...
>The one I *really* like is DOME, at
>It is a free meta-modelling tool, so you can do UML, but
>in fact you can go further and define your own meta-models,
>and it includes a language to work on the models and generate
>code, documentation etc. from them.
>I think it is written in Smalltalk... just not our favorite
>version of Smalltalk.
>If anybody knows of some similar tools, or feels like porting
>this one to Squeak... let me know!
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