Problem compiling 2.7 on Mac with CodeWorrier 4

Tim Rowledge tim at
Thu Mar 16 02:15:31 UTC 2000

"Raab, Andreas" wrote:

> You're probably lacking the 'MSL RuntimePCC.lib' and the 'MSL SIOUX.PPC.Lib'
> (though I'm not sure about the latter - I've taken this from CW5 not 4).
At last, a VM!
Yes, those two libraries were missing from the list and I had to remove
one (I think), leaving the list as:-
Profiler PPC.Lib
MSL RuntimePPC.Lib

Note the change in name spelling in a couple of cases - why do people
insist on making gratuitous changeslike that?

I also had to add empty stubs for ioLoadModuleOfLength and
ioLoadSymbolOfLengthFromModule which were missing.

Now maybe I can actually get to work....


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