[BUG?] UnixFileDirectory

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Mar 21 12:52:33 UTC 2000

Dealing with relative paths has been of some question.  The central
question is: relative to what?!

It's not clear that the notion of "current working directory" should
really be introduced into Squeak.  A more portable notion is "the
directory the image is in".  It's probably safe to assume that the VM
can provide the full path to this directory.

If you really want CWD on platforms that have it (like Unix and
Windows), you could add a "getpwd()" primitive for those platforms. 
There may even be such a thing in OSProcess.  (If there's not, that
would be the best place to add it!)  Once you have such a primitive,
then again you will always be able to make FileDirectories with an
absolute path.


"David Pennell" <dpennell at quallaby.com> wrote:
> UnixFileDirectory>>setPathName: wants to always prepend a / to a pathname.
> This precludes use of relative directories, something that DosFileDirectory
> allows (I don't know anything about Mac file naming).
> The method comment:
> "Unix path names start with a leading delimiter character"
> It seems to me that the Unix version is wrong.  If nobody disagrees, I'll
> publish
> the trivial changeset.
> -david

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