Morphic as default project (fwd)

Doug Way dway at
Fri Mar 17 08:08:42 UTC 2000

On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 AGREE at wrote:

> Doug Way wrote:
> > I think this is overdue.  Shipping the base image with > Morphic rather than
> > MVC as the default project, that is.  Is there a plan to do > this with the
> > final Squeak 2.8 release?  (Pretty please?)
> I think it is an idea whose time may come, but I doubt it is overdue.  
> Morphic is not yet stable, and is about to undergo substantial
> surgery.  MVC, on the other hand, is a rock-solid base for developing
> code, for Morphic or otherwise.

I was probably overstating things by saying "overdue"... certainly having
Morphic as the default project a year ago would have been a mistake. :-)

MVC is more solid at its core, while Morphic is nicer at the surface...
I'm not sure if being more solid at the core is that critical for
whichever is the default project, since it's mostly a first-impression
issue.  As long as both are still available.  (Keep MVC somewhere in the
base image, at least.)

> My suggestion -- wait until the BitBlt, ImageSegment and Morphic
> upgrade is done.  Then it is certainly time for a change.

Hopefully, these improvements won't be too far away... I guess we'll see.  
(The Morphic upgrade will probably take the longest.)  I suppose Squeak
version 3.0 would be a nice round number for making a change, too.

- Doug Way
  EAI/Transom Technologies, Ann Arbor, MI
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