Pluginised VM seems to work quite well

tim at tim at
Thu Mar 9 17:05:52 UTC 2000

This email comes to you via Celeste running on a VM where the sockets, serial, MIDI, sound, joystick & tablet etc stuff is all out in plugins. Since the Acorn shares with unix the tricky need to have socket polling callback, it is probably the hardest port to get doing plugin-sockets. But it seems to work ok so far.... :-) 
Admittedly it only save 20% on the VM executable size (but then the sound, serial, MIDI stuff are empty stubs anyway on the Acorn) but it now means that if I were to get the sound stuff working I wouldn't have to issue an new VM, just the plugin.

Right then, where's my linux machine, CodeWorrier for my Mac and a volunteer to try it out on a PC?


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