Meta-Levels (was: Squeak viruses )

Marcel Weiher marcel at
Fri Mar 3 13:19:12 UTC 2000

Doesn't this essentially boil down to "declarative Smalltalk"?

So as a rough approximation, you would have:

1.	Declarative Smalltalk without I/O for Applets
2.	Declarative Smalltalk for most programming tasks
3.	Fully reflective Smalltalk where declarative Smalltalk is lacking

which might even be a rough first approximation of the various  
levels of meta-access described by Alan.  For developers, the fences  
between the levels should be noticable but easily and comfortably  
surmountable.  For applets, they need to be absolutely impenetrable,  
but I think that they are essentially the same fences.


> From: Peter Crowther <Peter.Crowther at>
> > From: Lex Spoon [mailto:lex at]
> > It's easy to make a modified compiler which removes booboos
> > like this.
> > Things to remove:
> >
> > 	1. <...> primitives
> > 	2. thisContext
> > 	3. access to the full Smalltalk dictionary
> Having done something this to nail down VisualWorks...
> 4. Ability to modify the Compiler.
> 5. Ability to create your own Compiler.
> 6. Ability to instantiate arbitrary classes and therefore create  
your own
> methods and fill 'em with bytecodes.
> 7. Ability to become: on methods to swap 'em for others that  
you've created
> and are waiting in the wings.
> 8. Debug primitives such as instVarAt:put:

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