[BUG] Sockets aren't playing nice with me

Robert Withers withers at vnet.net
Thu Mar 2 05:08:01 UTC 2000

There have been several threads on the sockets in squeak over the past
several months which I have reviewed but I am still confused.  I

NetNameResolver localHostAddress.

and I get  cool.  My clientServerTestUDP works, it seems to be
the TCP stuff.  Also my Socket ping: 'localhost' fails.  It seems that
connectTo:timeout: doesn't connect (through various tests) but this
issue doesn't show up until the waitForConnect stuff is called.  All of
my functionality works outside of squeak (Linux SuSU 6.3 on an intel). 
Why isn't squeak working like the other network programs?  Why do we
have waitFor... methods?  Wouldn't it be better to have atomic socket
operations? (accept, listen, bind, connect, send, receive, disconnect,
destroy, setIOCtls, getIOCtls)   What can we do to fix this?  Do we need
FFI/Callin or can we continue to use named primatives?  It would be nice
to have a debug facility that we can turn on inside the primative code;
perhaps assertions?

I wish I had more answers to post at this time, but I don't.  I would be
very interested in helping code a solution with design assistance.


Smalltalking by choice.  Isn't it nice to have one!

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