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Mon Mar 13 03:53:04 UTC 2000

on 3/12/00 9:48 PM, Dan Ingalls at Dan.Ingalls at disney.com wrote:

> Folks -
> I had to miss the Sunday part of the STP's Squeakend, but a couple of people
> were taking notes, and you should hear from them soon (if not already).
> Thanks to STP for organizaing this event.  Squeakers are a great lot!
> One thing became clear during the first day, and that is the need to work on
> our first impressions on the Squeak.org website and, more importantly, in the
> Squeak release image.
> We declared a new Squeak Central Project to this end that will consist at
> least of the following general items:
> Remove as many irritants as possible (surprising window controls, etc).
> Use the first screen to introduce the major features of Squeak
> Devote a project to each of these, with documentation as well as demos
> As we have been planning,  the next level will then extend on into richer
> web-based Squeak content.
> The general purpose is to reveal each of the strengths of Squeak, with more
> context of its current state of development, where it is going, an example,and
> how to explore it further.  I believe we can greatly improve the "entry
> problem" independent of other progress on the system itself.
> A number of attendees expressed interest in this project.  In the time between
> now and a final 2.8 release, I will try to incorporate various people's
> suggestions, and make available some sample screens for critique (as remote
> projects, of course).
> - Dan

Ack! YES! Pretty please for those of us on the outside looking in. I'm in a
real way one of the lost ones - and that's even though I still have 1.13 on
my Mac's hard drive ok? - and I do desperately need some of this to maybe,
finally, wrap my mind around all of this.



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