[BUG]Re: [ENH] Scamper background color/image, take 2

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at chello.se
Sat Mar 4 17:54:41 UTC 2000

Bolot Kerimbaev wrote:

> http://fce.cc.gatech.edu/~bolot/squeak/scamper/Scamper-bgcolor.28Feb0036.cs
> (also available
> Scamper-bgcolor.28Feb0036.tar.gz
> Scamper-bgcolor.28Feb0036.zip
> Change Set:             Scamper-bgcolor
> Date:                   27 February 2000
> Author:                 Bolot Kerimbaev
> Add support for background color and/or image for Scamper. Includes code
> by AKz at phaidros.com, who fixed background image handling (see note
> below).
> Known issues (2/27/2000 21:24):
> - background image doesn't scroll with text
>   (in some cases, this is a desired behavior,
>   but those cases are rare)

 This change set brings up a debugger and there seems to be something about
a scroll value? I'm not sure.
I'm using 2.8a 1899, on a mac.


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