[BUG][VM] 1929FastPrimFailures.cs

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Sat Mar 25 21:25:44 UTC 2000


> I'm very concerned (think it's a bug) about one aspect of the
> implementation, it is the initialization of pluginSessionID in
> Interpreter>>initializeInterpreter: :
> It will be initialized by
>         pluginSessionID _ self ioMicroMSecs.
> ; where
> - ioMicroMSecs returns a milliseconds value in spite of its name,
> - starting by zero at startup.

The latter is not true - at least not for any implementation I'm aware of.
ioMicroMSecs() is usually implemented by a call to the underlying OS timer
functions and should be an equivalent for the time since system (read OS)
startup and not Squeak startup. It should therefore be very hard to start
Squeak even remotely close for this to be a problem.

> P.S.: Last but not least, my surname is 'Rudlof'; in preamble it is:
>         Author: Stephan Rudloff & Andreas Raab

Sorry - that was a typo.

  - Andreas

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