Getting binary data out of sockets

Peter Hatch phatch at
Fri Mar 24 14:58:03 UTC 2000

Looks to me like you use #receiveDataInto: with a ByteArray argument.  This 
should simply store the received bytes into the ByteArray.  Then, you can use 
the #longAt:bigEndian: and #unsignedLongAt:bigEndian: methods on ByteArray to 
read numeric data (by walking the ByteArray reading the longs from <index+4>). 
 If your data is Float data then you'll have to either implement 
#floatAt:bigEndian: on ByteArray or you might be able to use a FloatArray 
argument (maybe?).  If not, you should be able to read the data into a 
ByteArray and then send the array the message #asFloatArray.


> (I hope this gets through when the mail server wakes up)
> I assume the answer to this is pretty simple, but I don't see it. I'm
> opening a connection to a server I wrote (in C). The connection has to
> send a bunch of numeric data. I can put the data in an array and write it
> to the socket, but how do I read it as a binary on the client (Squeak)
> side?
> Thanks
> -Russ

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