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Wed Mar 15 04:46:02 UTC 2000

On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 7:46 PM, Andrew C. Greenberg <mailto:werdna at gate.net>
>>The problem, of course, is to convince the HyperCard fanatics that they
>>need "stinkin' Smalltalk" and to convince the Smalltalk fanatics that
>>"stinkin' HyperCard" brings something to the table, as well.
>My suggestion is to make your case in this forum.  You'll find a good 
>argument handled here on the merits.  I have no idea why you feel it 
>is necessary to convince Hypercard fanatics of anything.

The fact that they are the type of people that Squeak is targeted for?

>In the meanwhile, may I suggest that you just go ahead and implement 
>what you think is needed -- that's the way things are done in 
>Opensourceland.  The great virtue of Squeak is that this can be done 
>-- try that in Hypercard.  If the work has merit, it will be adopted 
>one way or the other, directly or indirectly.
>>What is all this talk of graphically used interface widgets save an
>>to bring HC facilities into Squeak?
>Actually, not a whole lot of Squeakers are all that concerned about 
>building GUI widgets.  But of those who are, it is probably not a 
>safe wager to presume it is related to attempting to approximate HC 
>-- they are seeking mostly to emulate so-called "modern guis."

So all this talk of eToys, wired development environments, simplified
Squeak syntax, etc., is all a ploy to get people used to programming in
Smalltalk and not to create a development environment where neophyte users
and developers can turn to get the best possible development environment to
create cutting-edge solutions to their problems without having to spend a
fortune for experts' help and/or years of their life learning complicated
programming languages?

"If everyone lived with a sense of wonder, their lives would be filled with
-Last words of Doug Henning, 5/3/47 - 2/7/00

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