[BUG;Workaround] "Fix" breaks, at least, BitEditor

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Sun Mar 12 15:05:56 UTC 2000

At 00:58 08.03.00 -0500, Andrew C. Greenberg wrote:
>Update 1879 seems to break BitEditor, in that yellow menus no longer 
>work, making it impossible to save an image.  I have no idea whether 
>the changeset breaks anything else.

The problem that should be fixed was in


which breaks if you revert the change.  The real problem is, that PopupMenu
and SelectionMenu answer different values and both classes are used
together with a MouseMenuController.  The first one answers indices while
the latter menu answers selectors. So, in theory, all 15 subclasses of
MouseMenuController could be affected. It seems however, that only
BitEditor and FormEditor use the first variant.

A short hack would be to allow both indices and selectors but that cures
only the symptoms not the causes.

I think, the whole hierarchy should be refactored to use only
SelectionMenus but not PopupMenus because what the MouseMenuController does
is to reimplement what SelectionMenus already do.

Attached is such a refactoring.  I think, the browsers still work but I'd
like everybody to test whether it break other old code.

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