Visual representation of Squeak?

Francois Le Coguiec francois_le_coguiec at
Tue Mar 7 04:50:21 UTC 2000

Chris Macie <cjmacie at> wrote:
>Subject: Re: Visual representation of Squeak?
>>Hi:  I was just reading the c2 wiki and came accross this reference to a
>>open source UML tool called Argus.   Would it be possible to implement
>>something like this about Squeak or Smalltalk in general?   I find that
>>visual representations whether in trees or diagrams to be very useful for
>>getting a good overview.
>I find having something of the sort in a Smalltalk DE virtually
>indispensible. I haven't worked that much yet in Squeak -- maybe it's all
>already there. I find something named ObjectExplorer, which looks very
>handy, but still involves using a plethora of windows to investigate the
>usual plex of objects one deals with in developement or debugging; and
>doesn't allow the usefull side effects of  Beck's / Psi's versions, >...

The one I *really* like is DOME, at
It is a free meta-modelling tool, so you can do UML, but
in fact you can go further and define your own meta-models,
and it includes a language to work on the models and generate
code, documentation etc. from them.
I think it is written in Smalltalk... just not our favorite
version of Smalltalk.
If anybody knows of some similar tools, or feels like porting
this one to Squeak... let me know!
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