On Schopenhauer and Market-driven code (Was Multimedia)

Lawson English english at primenet.com
Thu Mar 16 00:18:48 UTC 2000

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 3:26 PM, Duane Maxwell
<mailto:dmaxwell at entrypoint.com> wrote:
>>You guys have a remarkably narrow view of what "marketing" means.
>>Marketing != hype; marekting != advertising.
>Hmm.  I've looked through the emails on this topic, and have yet to see
>somebody say that.  What I _do_ see is that many people are telling you
>that if you feel so strongly about this, then go right ahead and do it.
>It's Open Source.  There's nothing stopping you.  Knock yourself out.
>Just don't be offended if Squeak Central doesn't drop everything they're
>doing and suddenly ignore 20+ years of Smalltalk history to cater to your
>perceived needs for acceptance of Squeak to HyperCard developers. 

Actually, I suggested taht if it were and either/or proposition, Visual
Basic, which I dispise, from what little I've seen, would be a better bet.

 For one
>thing, I have yet to hear from an actual VB or HyperCard developer on this

Perhaps because Squeak, meant to be "HyperCard done right," to quote Alan
Kay, has not yet been marketed properly? This would include adding features
that make it more attractive to this specific market-segment, natch.

>Also, please don't assume we all don't know about marketing and mass
>acceptance of products.  You'd be quite surprised who's lurking.

To tout "20 years+ of Smalltalk history" as a reason not to add features
certainly sounds like a lack of marketing savvy.

Of course, I'm still smarting from being characterized as "evil" by someone
on this newsgroup, so feel free to ignore any and all of my "droning

"If everyone lived with a sense of wonder, their lives would be filled with
-Last words of Doug Henning, 5/3/47 - 2/7/00

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