[UPDATES] 50 more for 2.8alpha

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Mon Mar 27 07:29:32 UTC 2000


> With all due respect, the original "fix" resulted in a bug report, 
> and the fix to the fix resulted in a bug report, all posted to this 
> listServ.  Although I asked several times, I'm not really sure what 
> the first changeset was trying to fix.  Why not simply revert back to 
> the original code prior to all of these fixes before adding buggy 
> fixes to buggy fixes to the core image?

Well I guess we could have done this but as it is update 1954 did a good
deal of useful refactoring (about 30 messages removed or so). That's pretty
good and the only thing that was actually broken was a minor oversight
(though a little hard to find). I personally don't mind sending out these
change sets (since this is all in the 2.8 alpha update stream we've got
plenty of time to fix the remaining problems) and it's just sometimes the
case that you can't find the damn bug. And then, somebody else just looks at
it and says "Hey - that's obvious!" and just fixes it.

It's one of the major advantages of Open Source projects that you actually
can have a lot of people looking at this stuff. But, as everybody else, even
the smartest people make mistakes and that's where all of us must be kicking
in. Just look at the last set of updates to see how this works - Stefan
worked out the refactoring of the MouseMenuController, I fixed the one
remaining problem. In turn, Dan fixed one problem originating from a change
set of mine (and zillions of other things as usual ;-) Lex fixed a couple of
general problems, Bert fixed a couple of things, so did Duane, John,
Stephen, Stefan, Torge, Henrik, Hans-Martin and so on (and last but not
least - you yourself have done quite a bit over time ;-) All in all I'm
tremendously happy how well this stuff works out and how much support we get
from all the people on the list.

You guys are just the best!

  - Andreas

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