Morphic as default project

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Tue Mar 14 09:23:11 UTC 2000

>  > Yes Dan pointed out MVC is mostly separate we could dispose of it.
>  > Here is an opportunity to make changes to the environment and we
>  > should seize the opportunity and run with it to better the experience.
>  > {Key point to drop MVC or make it a file in, Key point to go with
>  > Morphic at the start}
>  I think this is overdue.  Shipping the base image with Morphic rather than
>  MVC as the default project, that is.  Is there a plan to do this with the
>  final Squeak 2.8 release?  (Pretty please?)
> Please don't.  The day Squeak drops MVC is the day I switch to VisualWorks
> or VisualAge.  At least until Squeak arrives with *good* documentation that
> introduces Morphic from the ground to mastery.

Richard A. O'Keefe
Ooops perhaps 'dispose of it' (MVC that is) is too an aggressive a term,
seems I need to reword that. The thought was that MVC should be a separate
project, and a decision is made to file it in and use it. MVC should NOT be
the default offering. We did discuss having a 'kitchen sink' image where
everything lurks to satisfy some developers that require all things ever
created and used past and present. Yes we realize Morphic needs work to make
it pleasant for us old VW programmers to use. I personally doubt MVC will
ever disappear, so don't worry. BTW you are the second Smalltalker to point
this wording out to me, the other fellow button holed me at Camp Smalltalk
Monday night.

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