Andrew heeds the call (was: RE: [ENH] Anti-aliasing typesupport...)

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at
Mon Mar 6 20:38:48 UTC 2000

>Starting end of March, I will be leaving my firm to accept a tech position (VP Eng. R&D) with one of my clients.  I can announce more particularly after they are done doing their PR.  I blame entirely all of you, my dear friends in the Squeak community -- and all the wonderful folk at SqC, who ultimately convinced me by their actions that I needed for my own sanity and happiness to get back to the hack.  What was really neat is that my employment agreement expressly permits me to continue contributing to and messing with Squeak.

Yay, Andrew!

Your open and enthusiastic contributions have been enormously valuable.  I hope we can continue to lure you away from paid employment from time to time.

Rock on, dude

	- Dan

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