On Schopenhauer and Market-driven code (Was Multimedia)

Ken G. Brown kbrown at tnc.com
Wed Mar 15 17:11:05 UTC 2000

Well said.
I agree with AGREE at CarltonFields.com.

I feel that what Squeak and the Squeak community has that has 
captured my attention is 'the vision'...the vision to be "the 
exquisite computing environment". Squeak DOES already have a market, 
and that is all those forward thinkers that share the vision, and 
it's steadily increasing.

Please don't ever lose the desire and commitment to do the right 
things in the right way.


At 10:57 AM -0500 on 3/15/00,  AGREE at CarltonFields.com is rumored to 
have written:
>Perhaps someday I'll be able to articulate this undifferentiated 
>passion more clearly, and then be able to "market" squeak.  In the 
>meanwhile, I'm having so much fun I couldn't care less whether I can.
>So to the others, I commend them to join us, but won't be devastated 
>if they don't.  I do recommend it, however.  This is an opportunity 
>to be part of a real, challenging and facinating happening.  Help to 
>make Squeak what it yet isn't (or patiently wait while others do). 
>This is a journey well worth taking.  Is it worth it?  You bet.

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