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FYI - since a couple of people were looking at font issues.

  - A.
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Ok...I learned quite a bit about Font licensing today, so figured I'd pass
this on in case there are others in the same boat.

To explain again my needs...

I'll be converting a font into a proprietary (bitmapped) format and
embedding that into my 2D graphics engine.

The engine will then used in my entire line of titles (freeware, shareware,

I called up EyeWire* today and asked if doing this is legal.  They said yes

Basically, when you purchase a font, you sign and end-user license which
states how many computers you can install that font on, how many printers,

However, since I am converting the font to a graphic (which you can really
read now as artwork), I won't be redistributing the font in its original
form (i.e. TrueType or Postscript file).  Thus, since users cannot readily
extract the font from my applications and use it on their system, there are
no problems.

Thus, I believe that if you have a font that is properly licensed (either by
purchase or I'm thinking a font provided by the OS or other software product
that you have properly licensed), you should be able to embed pre-rendered
bitmap version into your apps.  I'm personally very tempted to use Charcoal

I'm not a laywer, so others may want to double-check this info.

* Eyewire <http://www.eyewire.com> carries tons of fonts that you can
purchase from various vendors like Adobe and ITC)

Rick Sharp
Instant Interactive(tm)

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