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R. A. Harmon harmonra at webname.com
Fri Mar 24 20:21:19 UTC 2000

At 11:17 AM 3/24/00 -0500, John Gardner wrote:
>Your response does seem to imply something. Does the entire Squeak community
>believe that MVC is a waste of time and that the default UI should be Morphic?

Dan Ingalls announced a month or two ago that MVC will be removed from
Squeak Central release in the near future.

Squeak Central decides what is in their release.  Sometimes they ask for
discussion from the Squeak community on issues, sometimes not.  They have
said they are open to suggestions and lobbying, and seem to be amenable to
including requests.  There is no mechanism I know of outside of Squeak
Central's choice for what is in their release.

A couple of folks and I have mentioned that the loss of MVC would fatally
affect Squeak's usefulness to them.  Given that all the source is available
free I think it is expected that they will start a separate fork if the
Squeak Central release is not suitable to their needs.

>Am I wasting my time investigating the extension of MVC to include a set of

It appears to me that you are give announcement that the Squeak Central
release will shortly become exclusively Morphic.

As an inclusive approach I thought MVC and Morphic could be developed and
maintained in tandem with only a small amount of work required, but I'm only
guessing at the amount of work.  I think MVC widgets can be used in Morphic,
but not vice versa.  If all new widgets were developed in MVC, where
practical, they could also be used in Morphic.

>I sense that the Squeak community wants Squeak to become to languages what
>is to operating systems.

That was my hope in the past.  I no longer think that is likely to occur,
unfortunately.  I had also hoped it could be a free ANSI compliant
Smalltalk, but I now think that is unlikely also.

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