"The future of Squeak"

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at disney.com
Sat Mar 11 16:57:58 UTC 2000

Stefan --

I agree completely. To Dan Shafer's credit, he has just suggested this as a
first draft of many, and would very much like to have input from the rest
of the Squeak list. I don't mind the colloquial style, but I think that
most of the topics covered were too near term. I expect that many of them
will be done before the book is published. We should all look ahead a few
years (if done well, most of our desired futures will happen, else what's
an Open Source project for?).




At 3:40 AM -0800 3/11/00, Stefan Matthias Aust wrote:
>Henrik Gedenryd wrote:
>>I think Shafer's chapter draft, "The future of Squeak", would be of interest
>>to many here. It speculates rather wildly on near-future Squeak
>>developments. You would have to judge for yourselves whether you agree.
>I glanced over the text and think it describes interesting projects and
>overall summarizes what also was told on this list.  That's good.  But it
>reads like an official press release (at least I got that impression
>because of the ways people are quoted and it is written).  It's probably
>personal, but I don't like that style.
>My main problem with that text results from that impression:  It makes it
>look very official.  IMHO, it should be made clear that this is the future,
>Disney (via the Squeak central) has in mind, not neccessarily the future
>shared by the whole Squeak community.  Squeak is even more than these great
>people have in mind.  It's an open source project and everybody can
>contribute; that's important.
>Personally, I'm at the moment not interested in 3D or eToys but would like
>to have a powerful prototype and development environment which can beat
>other systems not because you can create toys or educate children but
>because I can use it to construct large applications better and faster than
>in other languages.
>Perhaps that's not the future Squeak will evolve to (as the future is
>always where the money is) but at least one future I'd like to see.
>Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf.

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