R. A. Harmon harmonra at webname.com
Thu Mar 9 00:32:40 UTC 2000

At 09:59 AM 3/8/00 -0500, Andrew C. Greenberg wrote:
>'From Squeak2.8alpha of 14 January 2000 [latest update: #1899] on 8 
>March 2000 at 9:01:55 am'!
>"Change Set:		WidgetsForMVC
>Date:			8 March 2000
>Author:			Andrew C. Greenberg
>Straightforward implementation of CheckBoxes and RadioButtons for 
>MVC, refactoring PluggableButtonView and adding new subclass 
>PluggableSwitchView.  Forms can readily be modified to suit taste and 
>style, but perhaps a more general stylesheet-based interace should be 
>used instead?


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