[Project][Morphic][Drag&Drop] Drag&Drop for PluggableListMorph (usable for standard tools)

Gerardo Richarte core.lists.squeak at core-sdi.com
Tue Mar 28 20:00:51 UTC 2000

Stephan Rudlof wrote:

> Dear Squeakers,
> I'm planning to implement some Drag&Drop functionality for
> PluggableListMorph, which could be used to implement Drag&Drop
> functionality for standard tools in Morphic.
> Are there any efforts in this direction already?

    Yes, there is, at least for drag out, not drag in.

    If you install the MorphicWrappers package, you'll be able to drag anything from
a list into the worl: If you drag from an Inspector, for example, you'll end with the
object you dragged attached to your hand, and then, you'll be able to use it as any
other Morph or MorphicWrapper. If you don't have MW yet, get them from
http://mathMorphs.swiki.net. If you drag out a class from a browser, you'll get the
Class[MorphicWrapper] attached toy your hand, if you drag out a Method from a browser
you'll get that Method[MathMorph] attached to your hand, etc.

    Also, we are planning to do something on the lines of Drag in, but not yet... and
not for browser or inspectors.

    This is all for Morphic, if you where thinking about MVC, nothing applies...

    UnApplied Bye!
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