[?] Timers & Stepping

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Sat Mar 18 12:44:56 UTC 2000

Michael Rueger <Michael.Rueger.-ND at disney.com> wrote:

> It is not integrated into the morphic world but rather used in game related
> world classes. It would make sense, though, to base the morphic timing on
> timer events as well.

Yes, a more complex timer setup would be nice.  In addition to the
periodic polling with a given interval, it would be nice to request
being pinged just once at a given time in the future.  Further, each
ping could use a different message selector, so that we don't have to
have a single #step that figures out what to do next.  And finally, it
should be easy to turn the stepping *off*.

OR, as an alternative to all this mess, each morph could have a process that
does stuff and then sleeps for a while.  The sleep code could be a call
back to morphic, which suspends the process, to be resumed it again at
the right time.  Coroutines, basically.  Such an approach ought to make
programming graphic behaviors a real breeze!  It could be very similar
to the simulations framework in the, uh, purple book, I think.


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