Problem compiling 2.7 on Mac with CodeWorrier 4

Bob Arning arning at
Sat Mar 18 18:52:26 UTC 2000

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000 15:44:55 -0800 "Raab, Andreas" <Andreas.Raab at> wrote:
>> Next, sqMacAsynchFile.c has three red-hand errors, complaining about
>> PBOpenSync, PBReadAsynch and PBWriteAsynch not having any prototype. I
>> imagine that there is a header file missing, but which one?
>I think it's <Devices.h> (IIRC). BTW, Mac gurus out there how does one find
>out where a certain function is defined in the headers?! There seems to be
>nothing short of waiting several hours for having the hard disk indexed (how
>I hate this) since I couldn't find any documentation about where functions
>are declared in header files (as a matter of fact I wrote myself a little
>SqueakUtil that scans the files looking for some string). Any better way of
>doing this?!

Well, if you have MPW (it's free, so why not?),

1. Set the directory to {MPW}Interfaces:CIncludes:
2. type the following on a line in the worksheet:

	search /PBWriteAsynch/ Z.h		
	"the Z is really an option-x, but that doesn't show up in squeak"

3. Press <enter> and in a few seconds you get your answer: nothing.
4. Do a little exploring of variants and you quickly discover that
5. Typing
	search /PBWriteAsync/ Z.h
	"the Z is really an option-x, but that doesn't show up in squeak"
will produce (in about 5 seconds, no indexing required)

File "Devices.h"; Line 594 	# 																							#pragma parameter __D0 PBWriteAsync(__A0)
File "Devices.h"; Line 597 	# PBWriteAsync					(ParmBlkPtr 			paramBlock)							ONEWORDINLINE(0xA403);
File "Devices.h"; Line 789 	# #define PBWrite(pb, async) ((async) ? PBWriteAsync(pb) : PBWriteSync(pb))
File "Files.h"; Line 1215 	# 																							#pragma parameter __D0 PBWriteAsync(__A0)
File "Files.h"; Line 1217 	# EXTERN_API( OSErr ) PBWriteAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)										ONEWORDINLINE(0xA403);
File "Files.h"; Line 2587 	# #define PBWrite(pb, async) ((async) ? PBWriteAsync(pb) : PBWriteSync(pb))

Note that headers have a way of evolving and the set I ran this on may not be the latest nor the same as those you are using.


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