Timers, Stepping, Co-routines and Riverdance in Squeak

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Wed Mar 22 01:44:05 UTC 2000

> I'm working on a 3D perspective type of Morphic desktop that runs at a
> resolution of 1600 x 1200. I would like to extend this to using three
> monitors eventually when I have graphics hardware support. 

Man, on what kind of machine are you planning to run on?! Don't expect a
$100 graphics hardware to run at 50fps in such a setup ;-)
[Just as an aside: It's very unlikely that the accelleration stuff will work
with a multi-monitor setup anytime soon]

> But with a software blitter you can only move so many bits
> around at a given time,

Even HW blitters are not indefinitely fast. It's a common misunderstanding
that HW will solve all your problems. Hardware is generally stupid (because
of the costs) and you have to play by extremely strict rules to make it work
at all. SW is much more flexible and it can be tweaked (have you ever tried
to make your hardware go faster?! ;-)

 - A.

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