StateOfTheProject summaries for the SqueakEnd

Stephen Travis Pope stp at
Thu Mar 9 01:56:48 UTC 2000

Hello all,

As part of the up-coming SqueakEnd (see, I'd like to compile a
state-of-the-projects document for Squeak-related projects. If you're
working on a project, system extension, interface, etc. for Squeak that
you'd like to share, please do let me know by Friday afternoon. I will of
course publish the results to a Swiki page.

I'm specifically interested in projects related to:
	(OO or R) DBMS interfaces for Squeak
	ORB-like things
	Host UI widgets
	Buffered file I/O
	Exception integration
	New programming tools
	Interfaces (in the sense of message signatures) 
	Large interger and high-precision floating-point math
	Speech I/O and analysis
	XML I/O for Squeak


Stephen Travis Pope

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