[UPDATES] 50 more for 2.8alpha

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Mon Mar 27 19:15:57 UTC 2000


>[quotes from 2.8a updates]

>With all due respect, the original "fix" resulted in a bug report, 
>and the fix to the fix resulted in a bug report, all posted to this 
>listServ.  Although I asked several times, I'm not really sure what 
>the first changeset was trying to fix.  Why not simply revert back to 
>the original code prior to all of these fixes before adding buggy 
>fixes to buggy fixes to the core image?

I tried twice to explain what the first and the following fixes tried to
correct. I'm sorry if that still wasn't clear enough.  I also asked twice
whether you or other people could reproduce the problems you experienced
with my changes.  I got no response from anybody and because for me the
whole thing works, I decided that the 2.8 alpha version of Squeak might be
the best place to further test the code and/or to find and correct
remaining problems.  Don't forget, we're talking about "testpilot only"
code here.

Please feel free to submit any (reproducable) bugreports, corrections or
improvents to this list and I'm sure that somebody of the Squeak community
wil step forward to help.  This worked quite well in the past.

Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf.

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