HandMorph mega mail

Stephan Rudlof sr at evolgo.de
Fri Mar 24 18:28:10 UTC 2000

Henrik Gedenryd wrote:
> I've implemented my own dragging, giving complete
> control to the "dragee", as I really needed it for more sophisticated
> interaction behavior, and boy...

Did you post your dragging implementation in an earlier mail?
I'm interested in comfortable drag&drop facilities to extent e.g. 'file
list' or the browsers with drag&drop functionality...

> For example, it's the hand that decides whether a Morph should be able to
> handle an event, calculating priorities for a Morph & its submorphs instead
> of delegating this, and so on. It seems backward to me, and causes a lot of
> isKindOf:s.


> I've subclassed HandMorph with my own class, and it consists of a
> respectable number of unusually long methods (for Smalltalk--like 50 lines
> rather than the five to ten usual ones), copied in their entirety from
> HandMorph but where I've changed say two or three lines, the rest is
> duplicated verbatim. And IIRC, most of it is for handling quite special
> cases, like for PartsBin, DropShadow, Halo, and so on.

Cries for - big - refactoring...


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