[OT] ... compiling 2.7 on Mac (CW technique)

Fritz Anderson fritza at manoverboard.org
Thu Mar 16 00:12:00 UTC 2000

> I think it's <Devices.h> (IIRC). BTW, Mac gurus out there how does one find
> out where a certain function is defined in the headers?! There seems to be
> nothing short of waiting several hours for having the hard disk indexed (how
> I hate this) since I couldn't find any documentation about where functions
> are declared in header files (as a matter of fact I wrote myself a little
> SqueakUtil that scans the files looking for some string). Any better way of
> doing this?!

Assuming you're in CodeWarrior, the thing to do is create a file set for 
searching the Universal Headers, and use multiple-file batch searching to 
find the symbol.  I'd recommend batch searching so you don't have to step 
through the inevitable "We don't define AddResMenu here" hits.

You create file sets by enabling multi-file searches, pressing the Other 
button, and selecting all the header files in the resulting Nav Services 
dialog.  Tip:  Nav Services supports cmd-A to select all the files in a 
folder.  Use the popup above the file list in the find dialog to save the 
file set.

If you're looking for library definitions, Metrowerks puts symbol listings 
in the Other Metrowerks Tools folder.

Indexing the drive, BTW, takes no subjective time at all if it's done 

	-- F

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