[ENH] Warning when overwriting a clean image

Henrik Gedenryd Henrik.Gedenryd at lucs.lu.se
Thu Mar 2 20:29:39 UTC 2000

> Once I've saved over my original image with full knowledge of what I'm
> doing, I would not want to have to see the warning again.  If this
> warning is incorporated into the base image (which is, I'm sure, a
> great idea), I'd like to see an option added to prevent the message
> from being shown in the future.


> I meant to mention that, e.g. Squeak Central would need to
> remember to unset the suppressCleanSaveWarning before sending out a new
> 2.8 image, for example.  So I guess leaving the second prompt in there
> might be the easiest way to manage that.

I think there is a case of creeping handle-esoteric-cases-itis here. It
should only need to do this:

Don't warn if it was previously saved to *the same disk with *the original

The SqC problem is solved by comparing the name of the root volume the
imaged is saved onto. If it is different from the last one, it has been
moved, so offer the warning. This will be triggered unless you download the
update to the disk Bruce prepared the update on (let's hope he doesn't call
it 'Macintosh HD').

trying to keep it simple,

< = > .

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