Morphic Design Philosophy (ConnectableMorph?)

Stephan Rudlof sr at
Fri Mar 3 08:51:58 UTC 2000


I like your network idea, especially because of the facility to simply
connect to other networks and communicate with them.

- Regarding specs: Do you know the GUI-Builder UIPainter from

- Naming:

I would choose more different names for ConnectionMorph and
ConnectableMorph, because their functionality strongly differs. Perhaps
it would be better to make a difference between 'Morph' graphical
objects connected by 'Connection's: This would suggest 'Morph' and
'Connection' as abstract superclasses.

- Embedding:

Embedding *could* be realized by EmbeddingConnection as subclass of
Connection. EmbeddingConnections correspond to a *directed* connection
between two morphs, normal connections could be seen as un- or

This *could* simplify things, but I'm not sure if this is better as
using inst var embedding.

Performance issues have to be taken into account, too: they could be a
KO criterium. But this has to be proved first...

- Network namespaces:

Network namespace problems could be solved by a
NamespaceSeparatorConnection, which changes network message selectors in
some kind (e.g. by adding post- or prefixes), or just stops further
sending of them.

Just a little bit brainstorming...


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