Fabrik [was: Re: Visual representation...]

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at disney.com
Wed Mar 8 03:44:07 UTC 2000

Randy --

At 4:58 PM -0800 3/7/00, Randy Siler wrote:
-- snip --

>FaceSpan expects that you are probably going to flesh out the work in
>AppleScript (or some other OSA language) but I'd really rather learn and use
>Squeak--but the app I want to build I think would be better received if it
>had a really well honed and modern interface with familiar feeling widgets,
>so I'm reluctant to try to do it in Morphic at this point--although I could
>be mistaken about that too .

It would help all if you made some of the "familiar feeling widgits" in
Squeak. Also, it would be good if you mentioned what makes a UI "modern and
well honed", since we aspire to have things be at their best when Squeak
turns the corner. Eventually this will help you by giving you a better
system than FaceSpan. Squeak is actually an authoring system for all levels
of stuff, and you should be able to make what ever you need ...



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