Squeak and Playstation...

Ranjan Bagchi ranjan_bagchi at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 17:39:50 UTC 2000

Games are one-thing.. a system like squeak being
bootable on a console though would allow internet
distribution of new software.  This relaxes the
requirement that to run something on a PS2 it's got to
come on a CD.  

This could be the birth of a shareware "scene" on

--- Warren Postma <wpostma at ztr.com> wrote:
> >We are working with SONY (and have been for some
> time) to get past their
> >incredibly binding license agreements to allow
> Squeak to be ported ...
> Wow. 3d game development would be a really nifty use
> for Squeak. 
> Warren
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